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Contributors and Authors

Thanks to

Carsten Seibert, seiberTEC
for his excellent development work.
Etienne Studer, Canoo Engineering AG
for contributing the PDF test steps.
Marcel Rüedi, Canoo Engineering AG
for patching HttpUnit for use with HTTPS and ENTRUST.
Marc Guillemot,
for numerous contributions.
Paul King,
for numerous contributions.
Denis N. Antonioli Canoo Engineering AG
for numerous contributions.
Rob Nielsen,
for the Excel steps.
Stefan Ruff,
for providing and excellent stylesheet and other contributions on the mailinglist.
Matt Raible,
for his Sleep task and work on the mailinglist.
Richard Hill,
for the first version of the Sleep task.
Christopher Painter-Wakefield,
for his help on several issues.
Aatish Arora,
for his support on the mailinglist and providing patches for clickbutton.
Siegfried Goeschl
for providing the Maven plugin.
Walter Rumsby
for introducing StoreXPath.
Torben Tretau
for introducing FollowFrame.
Ben Cox
for his help in the Canoo WebTest Mailing List .
Erik Ostermueller
for his care on the JavaScript issue.
Charles Massey
for submitting StoreRegexMatch.
Donald Ball
for introducing the VerifyXPath.
Eric Pugh
for his care about clean structures.
Katja Schulze, Credit Suisse Private Banking
for pilot using Canoo WebTest.
Sara Camponovo, Credit Suisse Private Banking
for relentlessly hunting bugs with Canoo WebTest.
Pascal Stöckli, Credit Suisse Financial Services
for his bug reports and pilot use
Hans-Dirk Walter, Canoo Engineering AG
for starting the project.
Martin Huber, Canoo Engineering AG
for his requirements contributions.
Stephan Huber, Canoo Engineering AG
for the first complex usage scenarios.
Dieter Holz, Canoo Engineering AG
for providing feedback on the install, setup and documentation.
Satish Verma
for starting the reporting implementation.
Urs-Peter Häss, Canoo Engineering AG
for implementing verifyLinks.
Peter Rossbach
for providing a Apache Tomcat/4.0.2 compliant web.xml
Dierk König, Canoo Engineering AG
for writing this section.
all the others that I just forgot to mention...

Third Party Authors

Thanks to the authors of

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (
released under the IBM Public License
the "browser" used by webtest
the "browser" used by webtest before the switch to htmlunit
PDFBox is released under the BSD license (
The Jakarta Project

Their license restrictions apply.


Follwing companies contributed licenses or resources:

Atlassian Software Systems
for Jira.
for the infrastructure (build server, repository)
for Clover and for FishEye.
for IntelliJ IDEA and for TMate.
for YourKit Java Profiler.
for upgrading WebTest to Ant 1.8.4.


Latest build: development
Posted: 19-Jul-2016 17:36

WebTest 3.0 released, featuring upgrades to Java 5, Groovy 1.6, and HtmlUnit 2.4.
The release includes support for maven integration, IDE-integration like for unit tests, capturing of background JavaScript errors, new steps for mouseOver and mouseOut events, better parallel execution of tests and - as usual - lots of handling improvements.
Posted: 5 March 2009

WebTest @ JavaOne
Dierk König presented "Functional testing of web applications: scaling with Java" on Wed May 7, 13:30 at JavaOne 2008 in the Tools and Scripting Languages track.
Posted: 8 May 2008

New WebTest screencast available:
Data Driven WebTest
Posted: 13 November 2007

First WebTest screencast available:
Creating a first Webtest Project

Extend WebTest with Groovy! Groovy in Action is available in every good bookstore.
Groovy in Action
Posted: 29 January 2007