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Extension Step dataDriven


This is an Ant task that calls its nested element as often as specified by the tableContainer. In each run a new set of properties from the the tableContainer is made available to the nested steps

This is the integration into WebTest of the propertyTable task that is available since a long time in WebTest Wiki. You may find usefull to look at this documation because it is currently more complete than this current page.


Required? yes
The container for the table containing the data. Typically this is the path to an Excel file but this can also be a directory structure.
Required? no
The description of this test step.
Required? no, default is false
Indicates if the task should fail at the first failure of the nested content (when set to true) or continue the execution for all records and then throw a BuildException when one or more error occurred (when set to false).
Required? no, default is FirstEquals
The filter to apply on the foreign table after the lookup. One of "All", "Empty", "FirstEquals", "AllEquals" or "Group".
Required? no, default is no
Specifies whether properties contained in the table's values should be expanded or not
Required? no, default is the first table
The name of the source table in the current container. For instance the name of the sheet when the table container is an Excel document.

Nested Parameters

Required? yes
Any Ant task.


Imagine an Excel file like this one:

You can use dataDriven to execute a set of Ant tasks for each property set:

<dataDriven tableContainer="simple.xls">
  <echo message="Hello ${FirstName} ${LastName}"/>

This will give you following output:

[echo] Hello Denis N. Antonioli
[echo] Hello Dierk König
[echo] Hello Marc Guillemot
[echo] Hello Paul King
[echo] Hello Tomi Schütz

Naturally you can combine it with WebTest, lets say to register these persons to some event:

<dataDriven tableContainer="simple.xls">
  <webtest name="Register ${FirstName} ${LastName}">
    ... go to registration page ...
    <setInputField forLabel="First namevalue="${FirstName}"/>
    <setInputField forLabel="Last namevalue="${LastName}"/>
    <clickButton label="Register"/>
    <verifyText text="${FirstName} ${LastName} has been registered"/>


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