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Email Step emailMessageContentFilter


Returns the content associated with a message (or message Part) as the current response.


Required? yes
The message id.
Required? no
The contentType. The contentType to use for a Simple message with uuencoded attachments. For MIME MultiPart messages, the contentType if supplied is checked against the contentType found.
Required? no
The description of this test step.
Required? no
The part index.
Required? no
A shorthand: save='prefixName' is the same as savePrefix='prefixName' saveResponse='true'.
Required? no, default is the 'savePrefix' parameter as specified in <config>.
A name prefix can be specified for making a permanent copy of received responses. A unique number and the file extension (depending on the MIME-Type) will be appended. The resultpath attribute of the <config> element is used for determining the location of the saved result.
Required? no
Whether to make a permanent copy of received responses. Overrides the default value set in the <config> element.


Here is an example of using the emailMessageContentFilter step.

    <emailSetConfig .../>

    <-- plain message -->
    <emailStoreMessageId subject="mailtest - multifiles - plain"
        property="mid1" .../>
    <emailMessageContentFilter save="plainmessageId="#{mid1}" />
    <-- text of message becomes current content -->
    <verifyText text="plain body text"/>

    <-- MIME message -->
    <emailStoreMessageId subject="mailtest - multifiles - mime"
        property="mid2" .../>
    <storeLength property="ok.gif.length">
        <-- attachment will become available to storeLength and
             contentType will be checked against supplied value -->
        <emailMessageContentFilter messageId="#{mid2}"
            contentType="image/gif; name=ok.gifpartIndex="1"/>

    <-- uuencoded message -->
    <emailStoreMessageId subject="mailtest - multifiles - uu"
        property="mid3" .../>
    <storeLength property="ok.gif.length">
        <-- attachment will become available to storeLength and
             contentType will be set to supplied value -->
        <emailMessageContentFilter messageId="#{mid3}"



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