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Extension Step storeInputFieldAttribute


Retrieves the attribute value of a selected input field. Can be used to check whether an input field is enabled.

This step provides a mechanism to peek inside the state of input elements inside your HTML. It should be used with care as the user (via their browser) typically wouldn't have direct access to these states (but probably are given an alternative visual representation, e.g. if the state is disabled, the element will probably be greyed out). Because WebTest doesn't represent the page graphically, peeking at the states can be the next best thing to know what is going on.

Available states include: "checked" and "disabled".


Required? yes
The name of the attribute of interest, e.g. "disabled" or "checked".
Required? yes
The name of the input field of interest.
Required? no
The description of this test step.
Required? no
The index (starting at 0) of the attribute of interest.
Required? no, default is the last form selected using 'selectForm', otherwise searches all forms
The name of the form containing the field of interest.
Required? no
The name of the property in which to store the retrieved value.
Required? no
Deprecated. Same as property.
Required? no, default is the "defaultPropertyType" as specified in the "config" element is used.
The type of the property in which to store the retrieve value. Either "ant" or "dynamic".
Required? no
The value of the input field of interest.


Consider the following HTML form:

<title>InputField Attribute Test Page</title>
<script type="text/javascript">
function checkEmpty(button, element) {
  if (element.value == "") button.disabled=true;
  else button.disabled=false;
// -->
<h1>Form 1</h1>
<form action="dummy.html" >
    Enter Value (then click outside box): <input name="value1onchange="checkEmpty(button1, this)"><br>
    <input type="submitvalue="Click Mename="button1id="button1disabled="true">

This page contains some JavaScript validation. We can use the storeInputFieldAttribute step to check that the validation is working. When the form is first loaded, the "Click Me" button should be disabled as the "value1" field is empty. We can then place some content into the field. We should then note that the "Click Me" button is now enabled (the onchange JavaScript event will do this). Here is the script code:

storeInputFieldAttribute Example
<webtest name="testInputFieldAttributeSteps: Show usage of storeInputFieldAttribute step using disabled attribute">
    <config ...>
        <invoke ...>
        <verifytitle description="check we are on the test pagetext="InputField Attribute Test Page" />
        <storeInputFieldAttribute propertyName="isDisabled1aname="button1attributeName="disabled"/>
        <verifyProperty description="check if button is disabledname="isDisabled1atext="true"/>
        <clickButton description="Attempt submit but should be ignored as button is disabledname="button1" />
        <verifytitle description="check we are still on the test pagetext="InputField Attribute Test Page" />
        <setInputField description="set field value should enabled buttonname="value1value="someText" />
        <clickButton description="Attempt submit should work as button is enabledname="button1" />
        <verifytitle description="check we are now on the dummy pagetext="Dummy" />

See also: the forceInputFieldAttribute step in order to set an input field attribute, and the storeElementAttribute step to be able to store an attribute using an XPath expression or an HTML id.


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