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Core Type table


This optional nested element can be used to locate a specific cell in a specific table on the page.

This nested element is currently available for the following steps:

to verify the text in the cell, optionally using a regular expression .
To store a digest corresponding to the selected table cell.
To store the length of the content of the selected table cell.
To compare a selected table cell with a previously saved content of that table cell.


Required? yes
The cell's column index in the table, starting at 0.
Required? yes
The cell's row index in the table, starting at 0.
Required? no
Description for this locator.
Required? no
The table's id attribute, if present. It is used instead of the name attribute here, because HTML 4.0 does not support that attribute on tables.
Required? no
Deprecated. Same as htmlid.


Table Locator Example
<webtest name="Locating cells in tables">
    <verifyText description="verify text of located cell"
      text="1:1" >
      <table row="1column="1htmlid="test"/>

See also: the verifyText step.


applyFilters, storeDigest, storeLength, verifyContent, verifyText.


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