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Core Step testInfo


Provides the ability to display 'static' information in report. This step does nothing. It just gets reported as it (with its attributes) in the report.


Required? yes
The information type. Helps to classify info. Many information of the same type within a single WebTest are allowed. The types issueNumber and summary have a special signification for WebTest's standard report generation.
Required? no
The description of this test step.
Required? no
The information that has to be displayed in the report (ex: related bug number, ...)

Inline Text

The inline text is all the text between the start tag ( <testInfo> ) and the end tag ( </testInfo> ), including blanks, tabs or newlines. Using a pair of start/end tags ( <testInfo> </testInfo> ) has not the same behavior than the seemingly equivalent empty element tag ( <testInfo/> )! See this issue for an example.

Required? no
An alternative to the attribute info for e.g. large texts.


Suppose that you make a test to ensure that an issue registered in your issue tracking system is now fixed. You can write this information in the webtest using testInfo for instance this way

testInfo Example
<webtest name="testInfo: simple usage scenario">
  <testInfo type="issueNumberinfo="WT-250"
    description="the related issue number in WebTest tracking system"/>
  ... the 'real' steps here...

Using the standard HTML reports generated by WebTest this information is displayed on the top of the test details. As issueNumber is a special type for testInfo, an additional formatting occurs here: an hyper link is created to the issue number in the bug tracking system (according that you set the build property wt.htmlReports.testInfo.issueNumber.baseUrl to specify the base url of your bug tracking system).

Special types

testInfo can be used for any type of information but two types are handled specially by WebTest's standard report generation:

Required? no
It tells WebTest to generate an hyper link from the info attribute allowing to have a clickable link to an issue related to the test directly from the test report. The value of the build property wt.htmlReports.testInfo.issueNumber.baseUrl is prepended to the info value. In the case of WebTest's issue tracker, this property is set to to create links like
Required? no
Information contained in testInfo steps with this type will be displayed as well in the overview report.


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