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Core Step verifyText


This step verifies the existence of the specified string somewhere in the response received from server (ie the changes that may have occured since the page has been loaded are not seen by this step). The text could represent an HTML fragment like "<BODY>" or a arbitrary static text in the page ("An application error has occurred!").


Required? yes
The text value to verify against.
Required? no
The description of this test step.
Required? no, default is 'false'
Specifies whether the text value represents a regular expression.

Inline Text

The inline text is all the text between the start tag ( <verifyText> ) and the end tag ( </verifyText> ), including blanks, tabs or newlines. Using a pair of start/end tags ( <verifyText> </verifyText> ) has not the same behavior than the seemingly equivalent empty element tag ( <verifyText/> )! See this issue for an example.

Required? no
Alternative way to set the 'text' attribute.

Nested Parameters

Required? no
To locate a specific cell in a specific table on the page.


verifyText example1
<webtest name="Checks for proper application error">
  <config ... />
    <invoke ... />
    <verifyText  description="Error text must be present"
      text="An application error occurred!" />
verifyText example2
<webtest name="Check body tags">
  <config ... />
    <invoke ... />
    <verifyText description="Checks for the existence of HTML body tags"
      regex="true" />
    <not description="the word 'error' should not appear in the page">
      <verifyText description="search for the word 'error', case insensitiv"
        regex="true" />


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Posted: 19-Jul-2016 17:36

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Posted: 5 March 2009

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